meet the webhost!

bon / 20 years old / any pronouns

i'm a college student majoring in web development fueled by a love for website building and website design until it comes to actually having to make the website and then i suddenly get incredibly fucking lazy. i'm a hobbyist artist and writer, both of those being things i've done since i was a clueless kid on the internet. speaking of..


i had pure unfiltered internet access, and somehow it didn't end in as much disaster as it usually does, i think?
i started using the internet in the very late 2000s though specifics are lost, i was mostly playing virtual worlds like animal jam and feralheart. i gravitated towards animal media whether it be sonic the hedgehog or melodramatic wolf roleplay on feralheart, so i've been a furry and part of furry fandom for years. it took quite a bit for me to get into anime, surprisingly enough. i don't watch a whole ton of it, but anime has definitely influenced my style. i had a phase where i hated furries despite absolutely being one lmfao.

a rundown of some fandoms i'm in:

  • furries
  • ensemble stars
  • sonic the hedgehog (not really active)
  • mahoyaku (promise of wizard)
  • danganronpa
  • spyro the dragon (also not really active)

and more! you might see them occasionally!

why this website?

simply wanted a place to pour my personality into. and skip subscription fees for linktree and shit just so i can get a theme i like lmao.

initially the design of this site was going to be closer to old website aesthetics as i'm partial to them. but then it kind of turned into something else? honestly, this site will probably receive several redesigns as time progresses.